Florie Millet

March, 2011

Flo helps girls on Internet to create

Florie Millet is a 23-year-old artisan who works for a French online magazine. In leading the “Art & Design” section of madmoiZelle.com, she discusses in detail how she creates one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelery. She has created a deep connection with her readers with her funny, creative articles, as well her personal blog that shows off her passion for cooking and music. What can’t this girl do?!

How did you start working at MadmoiZelle ?
After getting my high school diploma – with a focus in industrial design, I took some “plastic arts” lessons with a specialization in digital technology. A job interview and a diet coke later with the editor-in-chief,I had a job at madmoiZelle as a webmaster and a cultural journalist.

What inspires you?
I draw my inspiration from magazines, photo shoots, articles, music videoclips, etc. When I fall in love with an accessory, a tendency, etc, I try to get some inspiration from it and then create something my own way. Or sometimes, I start with an idea, and little by little, I add some details, like a ribbon, some pearls, etc, and eventually it ends up completely different from what I first pictured myself.

I utilize the same materials often: polymer clay, some cotton, wool, probably because I used to watch my grandma sewing. I also really enjoy collecting old things such as pearls from broken necklaces, cheap materials found in thrift shops, ribbons from old t-shirts etc.

What about your next projects?
Well, I really want to keep on creating jewelery. For me first of all. It’s only when I think it can be appreciated by other girls that I write about it and prepare a tutorial to post on madmoiZelle. But I have to admit that currently, I’m really into interior decorating. I guess it’s because of the very white walls I have at home!

Check out MadmoiZelle for more of Flo’s unique designs.

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