Kylie Griffiths

March, 2011

Kylie Griffiths Dresses People

Kylie Griffiths is a 22 year old freelance fashion stylist from East London. Instead of going to university she has thrust herself into full-time work, assisting established stylists first, and now working independently. She has styled shoots with Jammer, Jack Peñate Qemists and Lois Winstone and assisted on shoots for Wonderland magazine with Carri Mundan (aka CassettePlaya).

What exactly is being a stylist all about? Do you just dress people?
A stylist’s job is mainly coming up with looks and outfitting artists or individuals, as well as learning how to make people look good in what they wear.

If you’re working on editorial shoots, then you have to “pull” (borrow) clothes from fashion labels to go along with the theme of the shoot or storyline. This involves interpreting the art director’s brief. Other times you may have to help someone dress for special events.

A lot of it is about putting clothes on people, but there’s also the other side of things, which includes organisation for shoots, and researching new looks and styles, as well as working very long hours.

What do you use to research and put together a look for a person or a photo shoot? What sort of things need to be considered?
I have various blogs and websites I look at for Inspiration as well as looking through old magazines for ideas. I also go to Fashion Week shows. Each shoot is different. It depends on whether it’s for a magazine, a music video or a celebrity. Sometimes I will do a sketch/illustration of how I want to dress each person in the shoot and show that to them and the director first. I usually bring a large selection of clothes that I have borrowed along with things like safety pins and tape in case something fits wrong or I need to alter it on-site.

What’s your personal ’style’, and is this reflected in your work?
My personal style is pretty much grunge. I live in baggy t-shirts, plaid shirts and ripped jeans. I mainly shop in charity shops and on eBay. I like finding weird individual pieces. A lot of the grunge influences can be seen in my work, but depending on what it is I’m styling it wouldn’t always work. I love using clothes I’ve found as well as designers.

Kylie Griffiths

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  • Nutthaphon Alena - Liam! I must say you captured my wisufhl thoughts of Cuba in this shot because as we both know ~ me a little more than you ~ brrrrrrrr that was one cold, uh-hem, FREEZING shoot! No pain, no gain Still think we should have charged admission to our spectator however not being arrested should suffice! hahaha! Looking forward to seeing more of the amazing shots you managed to pull off. It was a true pleasure to work with you and your immense talent! Thu Aug 02, 2012
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