Lucy Bridge

March, 2011

Next Level Make-Up

Lucy Bridge is a 20-year-old make-up artist who loves painting on the whole face, not just the eyes and lips. She has done make up for designers at London Fashion Week and also on shoots that have been included in various magazines like I.D.

How did you get into being a make-up artist?
From a young age I always wanted to be a make-up artist. I’d always be routing through my mums old make-up and playing around. Experimenting on myself from a young age was something I always enjoyed. I could never see myself in an office job so I thought doing something as creative as a make-up artist was a perfect career option.

Your make-up designs are quite unusual and use lots of geometric shapes and bright colours – where do you get inspiration for your designs?
I’ve always liked the avant-garde/high fashion side of make-up as I find it more interesting and inspirational. I get my inspiration from exhibitions, books, movies, friends and family and traveling. Other people’s work can also be inspiring, such as photographers, other make-up artists, stylists and models.

Would you say you are fearless when it comes to doing-make up on models?
I’d say I was more fearless doing make-up on models than ‘regular’ people just because models are there for you to be creative and do what you want on them, whereas ‘regular’ people always have an opinion and something to say. I do love working on models and the general public as they are both so different and I get a lot from each one. I’m never fearless when doing make up, though, as there is always something that could happen or go wrong, but that’s what makes it so exciting.

What’s the craziest make up job you have had to do?
Doing my own make up for i-D magazine. It wasn’t so much that the make up was ‘crazy’ but it was nice that I got to work on my own face, because, after all, I know it better than anyone else’s, which gave me more added pressure.

Are you as creative with doing your own make-up as you are with models on shoots?
I like to practice on myself a lot what I have to do for shoots on models, but from a day-to-day basis, I have found my own make-up becoming more and more subtle (well, subtle to my standards). I’m not too sure why this is, maybe because I’m getting older but I like to save the really crazy stuff for my shoots!

Lucy Bridge

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