Gross Magic, Tashaki Miyaki & Bos Angeles at 100 Club


September, 2011

It was a night for emerging artists.

Three in particular: Bos Angeles, Tashaki Miyaki and Gross Magic. A dream line up for the many eager A&R men and poised music blog writers who had squeezed themselves in alongside fans who had been following the hotly tipped trio of acts over recent months.

Opening the night, Bournemouth based, Bos Angeles whose debut track ‘Beach Slalom’ caught the ears of NMEs Radar and The Fly in record time. With an army of loyal fans, many of whom turned out last night to show their support, they blasted through a shoe-gazy set of hypna-pop songs that suggest they’ll be around to justify their hype for a good while yet. Following hot on their sneakered heals and making their UK live debut, Tashaki Miyaki, a girl/ boy duo, shrouded in mystery, took position under some eerily ethereal lighting, unveiling themselves and their nostalgia inspired pop to the growing crowd. A sweet and sensuous sound with lullaby-esque vocals full of 60s girl band affection, the audience was soon captivated and under their spell. ¬†With rumours abound about the members and their ‘other lives’ in their home town LA, Tashaki Miyaki are no doubt going to be a name you hear a lot more of over the coming months. ¬†Finally, for many of the fans and industry folk who had come to marvel at Brighton’s current buzz band, Gross Magic stepped up to the headline slot and proved their live prowess as they let rip with their unique style of visceral riffs and electro styled mod-glam rock. With moments of T-Rex tainted beauty, the pint sized singer-songwriter, Sam McGarrigle stormed through tracks from his much lauded ‘Teen Jamz’ EP and other tracks from his forthcoming album, due later this year.

You saw it at the 100 Club first.

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  • Oscar I'm totally late on this but REALLY want to see this great line up. Any chance I could still get a ticket? Wed Sep 28, 2011
  • Yve Kelly Enjoy AND CELEBRATE YR WIN Mon Sep 26, 2011
  • Yve Kelly I want to win this for my niece and nephew Mon Sep 26, 2011
  • paul smith 07960591052 Sound brillaint line up love to be choosen Fri Sep 23, 2011
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