10 Years of DFA at 100 Club


October, 2011

Celebrating 10 Years of DFA Records.

Like one big extended family, members of The Rapture, YACHT and Prinzhorn Dance School arrived at the 100 Club in good time to soak up the atmosphere and prepare to celebrate the tenth year of their much loved and iconic label: DFA Records.

Following a four year hiatus, Prinzhorn Dance School opened the show with their trademark sparse, original and uncompromising sound.  Belting vocals that demand your attention, they loudly and proudly stormed through numbers from their self titled debut album, a subject of much controversy on its release back in 2007, and a smattering of new material. Labeled ‘“the least commercially viable group ever signed to a major label” by The Guardian, Prinzhorn Dance School are most definitely a band who play by their own rules and we love them for it.  Their second album is due in January 2012.

With the crowd sufficiently warmed and ready, Portlands finest, YACHT stepped up and blew the crowd away with their energetic electro tinged funk.  Born in 2002 in Portland, Oregon, YACHT (Jona Bechtolt and Claire L Evans) use technology to extend physical boundaries of communication, performance, and music. Not that any extras were necessary needed tonight, their infectious sound and quirky dance moves and indeed Claire’s movement throughout the crowd had the audience captivated from the start.  Turning the 100 Club into their very own ‘Shangri-La’, YACHT’s performance was headline quality, so much so that for a moment, we almost forgot The Rapture were still to come.

Until of course, the moment the familiar trio took to the stage and lifted the condensation soaked roof.  Blasting through established classics ‘Get Myself Into It’ and ‘House of Jealous Lovers’, notably and fittingly, the first ever release on the label we had all joined to celebrate; the heaving crowd soaked up their mixture of post disco and punk with a sense of frenzied fervor. With his fiendishly high falsetto, frontman Luke Jenner gave a faultless performance whilst deftly moving from one end of the stage, ensuring the crowd all felt part of what we all knew was a very special moment, indeed.  As the set progressed through to tracks from their latest album ‘In The Grace of Your Love’, the gospel tinged ‘Come Back To Me’ proved one of the night’s most memorable moments before the epic ‘Sail Away’ began to draw the evening to a close.  Clearly enjoying every moment, the band finished with ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ and left us all with the genius of DFA Records hanging in the air.  What a night.

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  • Tim Scott I want!! Please?? Wed Oct 26, 2011
  • William Chappel Hello - I'd be super excited to come Wed Oct 26, 2011
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