Gorillaz Sound Sytem at the 100 Club


February, 2012


February 20th, 2012

Making their much anticipated return, Gorillaz Sound System took over the 100 Club on Wednesday night and turned the venue into an audio visual feast for the eyes and ears. As the crowds clambered down the stairs, the band readied themselves behind the screen until the clock struck ten and the show jumped to life.

Kick starting the set with an exclusive play of the brand new, upcoming track for Converse, ‘DoYaThing’ featuring Gorillaz, Andre 3000 – and our DJ later in the evening – the one and only James Murphy, it energetically set the tone for an evening of celebration. As the infamous characters danced across the chiffon drape, the audience lapped up the sounds of Clint Eastwood, Kids With Guns, 19-2000 and Feel Good Inc creating an intoxicating atmosphere you had to be there to believe.

The band came off stage and screen to cheers and Om Unit took to the decks to keep the dance floor warm for special guest, James Murphy of DFA and LCD Soundsystem fame…. but before the evenings congregation got the chance to move to his choice collection of tracks, the night was touched with drama as a rogue fire alarm sent all 300 guests up on to the street until the all clear was given. Amid cheers, everyone raced back down to the darkness, the mood only heightened by the experience. James Murphy soon stepped up, his distinguished shape recognisable from behind the silk and his record collection taking centre stage as he spun the likes of Hall & Oates alongside some more recognisable DFA tinted sounds. The dance floor heaved, arms were held high and brand new camouflaged Converse soles left their mark long after the night drew to a triumphant close.

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  • Pedro Domínguez I wanna dance with my partner and my converse Thu Oct 11, 2012
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