Murdoc On The Wire


February, 2012

Transmissions from Murdoc.

After nearly a year underground (or lurking in the dark corners of who-knows-where), Gorillaz’s Murdoc Niccals has resurfaced and is again wreaking havoc — this time over the airwaves. It seems in fact that, following a dramatic exit from Gorillaz’s Plastic Beach HQ, the miserable despot Murdoc Niccals has created yet another pirate radio station and is now sending transmissions from a brand new mystery location. What’s this all about? Tune in to the weekly broadcasts to find out.


On The AirWednesday, February 29th 2012 : Transmission 8 – Despite his best goonish attempts, Murdoc is unable to keep his video under wraps any longer. As the exclusive 3 Artists, 1 Song video for DoYaThing debuts, Murdoc pours himself a tot, kicks up his mucky feet, and prepares to bask in the glory of his newest Gorillaz spawn.


On The AirMonday, February 27th 2012 : Transmission 7 – Lest we forget, Murdoc takes to the wire to remind all you kiddie-winkles of the treat he’s got up his slimy sleeves. The countdown continues to the release of the exclusive 3 Artists, 1 Song “DoYaThing” video, coming 29.2.12.


On The AirFriday, February 24th 2012 : Transmission 6 – Murdoc rounds up both friends and foes at his undisclosed Gorillaz HQ for the making of Gorillaz’s exclusive DoYaThing video, featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy. And in typical Murdoc style, he dangles the tasty bits in front of our noses as we wait with jowls a watering.


On The AirThursday, February 23rd 2012 : Transmission 5 – Murdoc’s day has come. Up at the crack of dawn and full of glee, Murdoc breaks the news of the exclusive 3 Artists, 1 Song track DoYaThing, available for free download today.


On The AirTuesday, February 14th 2012 : Transmission 4 – With word out about the upcoming 3 Artists, 1 Song track release, Murdoc’s home has become more than he bargained for. Listen in for Murdoc’s plans to turn his mucky situation into something else entirely.


On The AirThursday, February 9th 2012 : Transmission 3 – After weeks of keeping mum (due to the threats, of course), the elusive Murdoc Niccals hits the airwaves to unleash the names of his victims, ahem, artists featured on the upcoming 3 Artists, 1 Song track “DoYaThing”.


On The AirMonday, February 6th 2012 : Transmission 2 – After establishing his new radio station, Gorillaz’s Murdoc Niccals now dangles a tasty little tidbit. Supposedly it has something to do with the upcoming Converse 3 Artists, 1 Song track release, but who can be sure with Murdoc?


On The AirWednesday, February 1st 2012 : Transmission 1 – Murdoc breaks his radio silence to let the kiddie-winkles know that he’s created some sort of new monster. Tune in and let good old Uncle Murdoc fill your boots with this sticky bit of news.

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  • charlotte oh my GOD i cant wait for tomorrow ;D too bad i'll have to wait until after school :'( Wed Feb 22, 2012
  • ethan andrews hello this is epic Tue Feb 21, 2012
  • Debbie I LOVE YOU Sun Feb 12, 2012
  • Thedge A bit over-the-top, but that is what I like. Sat Feb 11, 2012
  • Kat H. :Q can't wait!! Sat Feb 11, 2012
  • Lizzie I love that they released a tune too! I can't wait to hear it. I used to love the Gorillaz! This is my first time seeing the Gorillaz Converse too. I quite like them, they aren't all that feminine but I do have my eye on the camo ones, for summer festivals I think. Fri Feb 10, 2012
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  • Marnie Can someone tell me where to buy the Gorillaz Converse? Fri Feb 03, 2012
  • Marnie Where can i buy the Gorillaz converse? Fri Feb 03, 2012
  • darkneurotic Good news! Gorillaz is back, please the shoes from Gorillaz have to arrived in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, here is a lot of fans crazys to buy these fantastic shoes!!!!! GORILLAZ #DOYATHING Wed Feb 01, 2012
  • maryluna uuuuuh!!! I love it !!! Wed Feb 01, 2012
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