History In The Making: Lil Twist


April, 2012

Lil Twist is the next Young Money Millionaire.

Lil Twist has been rapping basically since he could talk and had his first single out when he was a precocious ten-year-old in Dallas. With that kind of overachieving resume, it’s no surprise that at 18, he’s been signed to Young Money for the past year after touring with the full roster. He’s now hard at work on his debut album, Don’t Get It Twisted, which is already one of the most anticipated albums of the year. He took a few minutes to talk to us about getting signed through sheer persistence, adjusting to his new lifestyle, and his plans to become an actor.

I know you’re in the middle of making your debut album. Where are you in that process? Are you still laying down tracks?
Lil Twist: I’m still in the studio right now, but I’m almost done. I only need a few more features and a few more solo songs and I’ll be done. I’m like seven songs in.

You’ve got some big names featured on this album What’s it been like working with them?
It’s been amazing. They’ve been my family for a few years. They’ve been encouraging me for so many years. Now that it’s finally my time to step up to the plate it’s even better—better advice, everything.

How does the process of making a full album compare to putting out a mixtape?
I’m way more focused on the album. On the mixtape I’m really just rapping and getting off what I need to tell my people. On the album I’m trying to actually make straight radio-ready records.

How did you first get signed to the Young Money label?
I ran up on Cortez Bryant—who is my manager now—a few years back . I met Cortez backstage—all the radio personalities let him know who I was because I had a record out at the time—and we exchanged contact information. Months passed, or even a year passed, and I kept calling his business phone, just kept calling him. Then I got word that he was performing an hour away from where I’m from, so my mom drove me down there and I begged him to let me perform. He said, “Let me see what this kid’s got.” I went up there and gave it my all and after that we kept in contact. They flew me to Atlanta to see how I could develop and produce in the studio, and they loved my work ethic and I’ve been in Young Money ever since.

Is all this success a surprise to you, or did you kind of expect to live the kind of life you’re living now?
Since I was a young boy just starting to rap I’ve always wanted to see how I could adjust to it and see if I could ever take this life. It’s still kind of overwhelming, but I love it.

Do you want to act in films?
Oh yeah, I have a few things on the table now.

That’s cool. Anything you can talk about?
I don’t want talk too early, but I can say that I have a reality series for MTV, and I have some movie scripts on the table with A-list actors.

Sounds busy. Is there anything you want to do that you aren’t doing? What’s number one on your to-do list?
I want to drop this album and sell as many records as possible. That’s my main goal, that’s my focus. I want all my fans to love me and the music that I’m getting ready to put out. That’s what I haven’t done and that’s what I look forward to doing.

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