Converse Gigs @ 100 Club’s 1st Birthday


June, 2012

A birthday to remember!

It’s hard to believe it has been a whole year since the very first Converse show at the 100 Club, but it has, and that could only mean one thing: birthday party! After a day spent inflating gigantic one shaped balloons with the Loose Lips crew the time had come. Warming up the crowd was none other than ex-Metronomy member Night Works with an expertly curated selection of pulsing electronic rhythms.

First to take the live stage was Stefan Evan Niedermeyer better known to a rapidly increasing group of fans as Siren. Opening up is never an easy task but Siren and his band rose to it with a good line in stage banter and attention grabbing tracks like his stunning debut ‘Buckets Of Blood’.

At this point the venue was nearing capacity and very lively indeed so one man band Chad Valley had an eager audience for his blessed out and balearic brand of modern electronic pop. Using many gadgets he expertly layered vocal harmonies to dramatic effect and swept the audience away to a happy, hazy place.

Back on the wheels Night Works notched things up a gear to set the scene for the main event, the best Chicago-inspired house act to come out of Toronto since, ever? Suffice to say they did not disappoint, launching full speed in to a jacked-up version of ‘Hungry For The Power’ sounding every bit as crisp as it does on record but injected with magical live mojo. Vocalists Starving Yet Full and Fritz Helder married phenomenal vocal chops with very strong looks and serious dance moves, you couldn’t ask for two better front men.

They worked a fanatical crowd in to a serious sweat with other classics from their debut like the Green Velvet inspired ‘Manic’ reverberating round the 100 Club with its repitched vocals and woozy synths. The piece-de-resistance was, of course, ‘Reckless With Your Love’ but they surprised everyone by segueing straight in to a cover of Chicago classic ‘No Way Out’ by Adonis. A quick and unexpected chorus of happy birthday to Converse and it was all over, they disappeared in to the night to work their magic at the next club.

An amazing way to mark a year of amazing parties, as always keep your eye onĀ to find out what’s next.

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  • Wesley Dew I really want to see toots... how can i get tickets?? Mon Jul 02, 2012
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