Represent: Looking Forward


June, 2012

What you can expect from the shows, direct from the artists themselves...

Over the next month we’ll be counting down the days with exclusive interviews and more from all our artists. We’ll be asking them a whole load of questions, some easy and some hard to bring you an exclusive insight in to what they represent as artists right now in 2012 and what makes these Represent shows essential dates for your diaries.

For today we’re keeping it simple with a cross section of artists telling us why they’re excited to be part of Represent and what we can expect from their shows, starting with Queensbridge, NYC’s finest, Nas:

“The Olympics is in town and London is one of the greatest places in the world. You can expect energy and a performance you can vibe to.” – Nas

“From Youtube clips the 100 Club seems epic! We bring the ruckus, and always try and bring something new to each show!” – Spoek Mathambo

“I’m super excited. It’s a legendary club with a rich history in music. I’m honoured to be able to be a part of it. Converse is more than a brand, it’s cemented itself as part of a lifestyle just like hip hop music has so it’s perfect for me to connect with it.” – Speech Debelle

“It means being part of history. It’s a milestone for us, a legendary place.”- The Bots

“The 100 club is one of the only venues in London we have never played, and I can’t wait to be ingrained as part of it’s history, especially as part of such a great celebration of music.” – The Safety Fire

“Our main concern is how we are going to logistically wear all of our pairs of Converse on stage at once. Alexis has 13 pairs, including some sweet denim numbers. We expect we’ll do what we usually do and try and draw as much attention to ourselves as possible. Acting the fools and such. All kinds of wacky hijinks will go down” – Wet Nuns

“Expect an energetic and fun Yuna, I can’t wait  perform in front of a London crowd! I know about the 100 Club and the history behind it, I feel honoured to be a part of it.” - Yuna

“When I heard about the show, my jaw hit the floor, its gonna be a great night.  When you first pick up a guitar its songs by people like The Jam that you start learning first.  To be sharing a stage with Paul Weller is just unbelievable, he’s such a massive influence on all guitar music.  All of us are massive fans of Spiritualized too, we’ve been to see them a few times and to think we’re now supporting them is just incredible. The whole line up is amazing, we really can’t wait.” – Towns

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