Represent: UK Subs Live Review


June, 2012

With performances by Discharge, Anti-Nowhere League, Goldblade, Ed Tudor Pole, Dumbjaw and more.

It was always going to be an emotional night for many, with such an incredible link up of punk rock in one of the genre’s spiritual homes, expectations were high for last night’s Represent show. Headlined by the legendary UK Subs the line up also paid tribute to punk from across the ages with a host of bands that drew out punks old and new from London to party at the 100 Club, even Captain Sensible from the Damned was in the crowd.

Warming up the crowd was DJ Liam Penetrator who played all night between the bands and joined the dots between sets with an unbeatable collection of vintage punk 7” vinyl. With six bands on the bill it was an early start and Dumbjaw took to the stage at six o’clock firing through a short but vey sweet set of snarling punk. They were followed by ex Ten Pole Tudor man and sometime Crystal Maze presenter Ed Tudor Pole who drew out the old school heads and got the crowd in the mood with repeated calls for the spirit of real punk to show itself.

By the time Goldblade took to the stage at least half the crowd were wearing the ltd. edition UK Subs tees. The band have a fearsome live reputation and frontman John Robb gave it 110% to prove they still have every bit of energy that they had when the band formed in 1995. By the end of the set he was shirtless and very sweaty indeed, as were many of the crowd.

Following swiftly on, Discharge showed the 100 Club why they’re known as some of the UK originators of the hardcore punk sound with a high intensity run through of their catalogue from 1977 until the present day.

The packed club were clearly anticipating the headliners so Anti Nowhere League had to really give it some to hold their attention. Fortunately that is what they do with lead singer Animal barking and growling through the set on top of some serious riffs from guitarist Magoo. In true punk style crowd participation was now well and truly underway, something that would carry on well in to the UK Subs set.

Being back where it all began was a special moment for a lot of the crowd and you could see that the UK Subs were loving it. Close your eyes and you could have been back in the 70s experiencing the raw energy of this sound for the first time. Playing live is where the ‘Subs are in their element and after all these years they’ve well and truly still got it, lead singer Charlie Harper is still a formidable presence on stage. Tracks like the classic ‘Stranglehold’ still sound fresh and the crowd lapped it up, sharing the mic with Charlie, stage diving, jumping, pushing, shouting and doing all the things that make a real punk show one of the best musical experiences you can have.

Another great night at Represent, keep an eye on for all the info as the shows progress.

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  • Stevie Bomb This was a great gig and the bands were friendly. It's a shame that two tall beefy manky men chose to stand in front of me and block my view. I am a 5ft 4" girl. Come on tall men show consideration and stand at the back (or at least don't obscure a little person's view) and let us shorter people stand at the front. Why do tall men do this at gigs? It's not as if the band want to see them at the front anyway - it's us pretty girls they want there instead. Tue Feb 26, 2013
  • Daniel tickets please!!!! Tue Jul 31, 2012
  • Daniel tickets please!!! Tue Jul 31, 2012
  • paul barlow Charlie Harper is a 'real' working class hero The Subs are the greatest 'street' band of all-they haven't got the credit they deserve in the annals of Rock history-'warhead'-'tomorrow's Girls' rank with anything of rock this country has ever produced-long live CH Mon Jul 30, 2012
  • Phil Rock I know it probally the 11th hr, does any one know how to get tickets tried the 100 club like it said on the Subs site said all applications where closed ? Thanks Phil Mon Jul 30, 2012
  • Irene tickets please! Sat Jul 28, 2012
  • Moonboy Got my tickets cheers. Saw the subs and ANL support Motorhead last year which was grand, have not seen discharge since the eighties so this will be fun Thu Jul 19, 2012
  • Siobhan Cronin Got my tickets...Hooray very happy. Wed Jul 18, 2012
  • Phil Great lineup. Don't expect to win tickets never win anything. Lol. Great 100 club survived must have been over 100 times, great venue in spite of the pillars. Punk nights tues and thurs all through the 80's great times. Thu Jul 12, 2012
  • garry mc.... if only i had known about this before, wicked line, wish i could go but gonna catch snuff at the underworld on the 1st of august, at my age i can't handle two nights out in a row...... Wed Jul 11, 2012
  • Steve Wilson I'll wear my Anarchy converse to the gig if I get these tix. Gotta be one of the best lineups I've ever seen. :o) Wed Jul 11, 2012
  • Sean B fantastic line up! gotta be a cracking gig. Wed Jul 11, 2012
  • Thomas What a perfect night! I would love to go to this gig. Great mix of bands and Charlie Harper is the perfect "Working Class Hero". Let me come...Please. Send me tics NOW... Wed Jul 11, 2012
  • dangerous WOW .. that looks awesome .. would love to see the subs @ the 100 where can i buy tickets? Tue Jul 10, 2012
  • Pass Out Saw anti nowhere league at Download mental gig moshing in da mud.. Neva got a chance to c the subs or goldblade or discharge please send me some tickets xXx Thu Jul 05, 2012
  • Morten Great line up! Any chance for a punk from Norway to get hold of a couple of tickets? Thu Jul 05, 2012
  • Phil Carter Fantastic line - up! Many thanks for keeping the 100 alive!!! Wed Jul 04, 2012
  • Phil Carter Fantastic line up- thanks forkeeping the 100 alive :-* Wed Jul 04, 2012
  • Brendan Tickets please, looks like a great night. Tue Jul 03, 2012
  • Brian Weirditude I really want to see UK SUBS, and DISCHARGE . . Absolute Icons of a very Iconic scene that also had a bit of a thing for Converse Trainers, as well as DR MARTENS . . .OI OI . . . I really want some tickets !! Love Converse, Love the 100 CLUB . . . .Love you all xx Tue Jul 03, 2012
  • Steve Miller Well Siobham best of luck Glam Bird. Looking forward to see Charlie & the Subs. Make this old chap happy with a couple tickets please Mon Jul 02, 2012
  • Catherine I just have to have these tickets to celebrate our wedding anniversary!!! Mon Jul 02, 2012
  • cleo Its a real honour to be part of living history. Our kids,kids will be hearing and reading about this for years to come. My son is 19 and It would be fantastic if we could attend together, my way of passing on the baton. Punk's not dead !!!!!! Fri Jun 29, 2012
  • MARTYN Gr8 line up at a gr8 venue cant wait Thu Jun 28, 2012
  • Anastasia Connor This is going to be epic! So impressed I'm going to buy yet another paid of Converse! xx Wed Jun 27, 2012
  • Siobhan Cronin Please please please a super line up.Make a middle aged but punk/glam bird very happy........ Tue Jun 26, 2012
  • andy luckett thank you converse for saving the 100 club i even went to camden to buy a pair in appreciation. Tue Jun 26, 2012
  • jack send me tickets!!!! please... fat punks not dead... Tue Jun 26, 2012
  • neil waters the punk line up 4 long time Tue Jun 26, 2012
  • Michael McGrath Dream Lineup! will be an amazing gig!! :) Tue Jun 26, 2012
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