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July, 2012

Santi talks us through early inspirations, record shopping with her dad and more...

Santi White has come a long way since catching everyone off guard with the bombastic ‘Creator’ back in 2007. She’s released two killer LPs and toured with everyone from Coldplay to The Beastie Boys as well as of course creating a stand out track for Converse alongside Julian Casablancas and N.E.R.D. Santi is known for her inimitable sense of style and for drawing from a deep pool of influences that ranges from 80s pop to Fela Kuti. In fact Fela gets a mention in our interview here, as does Eazy E and why fans are like, “arm floaties”. Intigued? Read on.

What inspired you to become a musician?

It was something that just kind of snuck up on me. I think I was led into it by my spirit, music was just such an integral part of who I was ever since I can remember that it was not a choice really. I just listened to my heart and chose the thing that made me feel the most like myself.

How do your fans influence your music?

My fans are like my little arm floaties. Their energy and support keeps me afloat when I’m sinking. I couldn’t keep making music without them.

What was the first track that really blew your mind?

Probably ‘Jam On It’ by Newcleus

Who would be the artist, living or dead, that you’d most want to collaborate with and why?

Eazy E. He was so bad-ass in every way to me. He just knew how to rock everything.

What was the first lyric that really affected you?

I’m not sure what the first lyric that ever affected me was. But I imagine it would have been by Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, or Fela Kuti or something like that because my Dad used to play that music in the house all the time when I was little. Music with a message. And he would talk about the lyrics. Like I remember him talking about the lyrics of ‘Slavery Days’ by Steel Pulse when I was really young. I guess it was up to my parents to make sure I knew my history since it wasn’t taught to me in school. And music was a great starting point.

What was the first album you bought and what format was it on?

I bought the Power Station LP on vinyl when I was seven. My Dad took me to the record store and said I could pick a record, because I liked the cover. The record with that song, ‘Some Like It Hot’. For some reason seven year-old me liked that song.

What was the first show you went to and what do you remember most about it?

I don’t even remember going to my first show because my parents took me to shows when I was really young. There’s a story though that my Dad took me to see James Brown once and I asked him, “Daddy, what’s wrong with his leg?”, and he answered, “He got soul!” and started cracking up laughing.

Whose music do you think is timeless and why?

I think all great music should be timeless. That is how you know if it is great, if it can withstand the test of time and trends, and earn its place in history.

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