Represent: The 100 Club, 74 Years Underground


July, 2012

Represent artists tell us what the 100 Club means to them...

You don’t really need us to remind you that the 100 Club is more than just the venue for this summer’s Represent shows, it is one of the most important clubs in British musical history. For over seventy years the venue has been at the forefront of musical movements from swing and jazz through to punk, indie, reggae and Northern soul. Today we’re asking a selection of the Represent artists from Santigold to The Safety Fire, what the 100 Club means to them.

First up, alt-pop queen Santigold:

“It’s always nice to play at a venue that has so much history and that has been the home of shows by so many of my favorite artists growing up, and across so many genres; from The Sex Pistols, The Clash and Siouxsie and the Banshees, to Fela Kuti and Steel Pulse. It really has a very special legacy.”

The Safety Fire:

“Over the last few years I have seen many historic music venues close, and coming from London it is great to still have one of the most prestigious still running and putting on great shows.”


“It’s really cool to be able to perform at a legendary venue. The Sex Pistols performed there, which is crazy. And I can tell people that I’ve played there, so more street creds for me!“


“The 100 Club has hosted all the most influential and important bands in music history. To be a small part of that is a really proud moment for us.

When I heard about the show, my jaw hit the floor, it’s gonna be a great night. When you first pick up a guitar its songs by people like The Jam, Oasis and Nirvana that you start learning first. To be sharing a stage with Paul Weller is just unbelievable, he’s such a massive influence on all guitar music.”

The Heatwave:

“Gabriel Heatwave: I’ve never been actually which is mad as I grew up nearby. But I’ve known of it for years as a legendary punk venue, didn’t the Sex Pistols play here back in the day?

Benjamin D: It makes me think of jazz mostly.”

The Bots:

“Mikaiah: It means being part of history. It’s a milestone for us. It’s a legendary place.

Anaiah: Yeah it means we get to be a part of history. We are playing where a lot of different artists throughout every era have played, that’s a huge honor.”

Wet Nuns:

“It’s a legendary venue. Most people know about it and it has an incredible history. It’s cool to play anywhere where really well known things happened.”

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