Converse Gigs @ 100 Club: Wichita Review


October, 2012

Wichita Recordings present Veronica Falls, Frankie & The Heartstrings and Cheatahs

An exciting, second season of Converse Gigs @ the 100 Club kicked off last Wednesday with a little help from our friends at Wichita Recordings who brought performances from CHEATAHS, Frankie & The Heartstrings, and Veronica Falls to the stage.

With the bands gearing up for their respective upcoming releases, there were as many opportunities to experience new songs, as there were to rejoice in fan favorites. The most recent addition to the Wichita family, CHEATAHS, welcomed the crowd with several fresh tunes. Having just released their sophomore effort, SANS EP, the band has received a lot of love from critics and radio alike. The newcomers truly rocked the crowd with heavy drums on tracks like the “SANS,” but also got them moving with wild guitar riffs from more poppy tracks like “The Swan.”

Frankie & The Heartstrings took the stage next, bringing literary references and danceable guitar riffs. They carried an almost nostalgic energy of indie discos past, though still maintaining their well-know, modern take on indie rock. The title track and hit single from their debut album, “Hunger,” had the whole crowd bobbing their heads and singing along. The boys closed out their set with “Fragile,” a slower ballad from Hunger, lead into the headlining event.

The show closed out with a brilliant performance from Veronica Falls. Midway through their set, front man Patrick Doyle asked, “Are there any teenagers here?” The crowd answered with an uproarious cheer. “This ones for you.”  The band’s performance truly paid homage to the youth in all of us, with gut-wrenching love songs and upbeat, groovy melodies. But as dripping with shoegaze and reverb as the songs were, Veronica Falls got the crowd on their feet with every song. “My Heart Beats,” one of the band’s hit singles of 2012, really had the listeners moving. And as the soft fade in of “Found love in a, found love in a…” began, fans harmonized along to band’s premier single, “Found Love In A Graveyard.”

Hats off to Wichita. Electrifying!

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  • Dave Who wrote this killer story!? Pics are lovely, too... Fri Nov 09, 2012
  • Dave Who wrote this killer story?! Pics are lovely, too... Fri Nov 09, 2012
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