March, 2013

All the action as it happened from Get Dirty London at The 100 Club...

Friday April 19th

Right from the start it was clear the final night of Get Dirty London would be taking no prisoners. Hoax are about as fresh as you can get having only existed for less than a year, but their performance was up there with bands with a lot more years on the clock. Their latest single, ‘Bitter Angry Fake’ packed an almighty punch and set the stage perfectly for the rest of the night.

Addressing the now heaving mass of sweaty revellers, Carnival Kids knew they had to give it everything they had. The Anglo-Norwegian four-piece are also new to the scene but you wouldn’t know it. Their debut single ‘Fear Of Nothing’ sounded exactly like you might expect a track with that name to sound, a concise three minutes of high intensity guitars and raw punk energy. With the band already drawing comparisons to At The Drive In and Biffy Clyro, 2013 could well be their year.

Get Dirty was always going to be a special night for Gallows, it’s been a while since they played the UK and this was their first show without recently departed guitarist Steph Carter. Their packed international schedule has also kept them from intimate spaces like The 100 Club for some time. Add these things together with a baying pack of rowdy fans and you’ve got the formula for something truly explosive. And explode they did, the whole club erupted as soon as they hit the stage and the next 45 minutes were a textbook lesson in how a punk rock show should look, sound and feel. Flying arms, legs, guitars and who knows what else collided in a cloud of sweat and madness. Without neglecting the classics, they veered musically towards newer material with ‘Cross Of Lorraine’ marking a particularly intense moment.

That concludes Get Dirty, London thanks to the packed-out crowds and all the bands for making it an amazing, intense celebration of the best music from three very different worlds.

Stay tuned to for more on Converse and Get Dirty.

Thursday April 18th

Hip hop royalty descended on the 100 Club on Thursday night with a history lesson served up by two of the godfathers of the underground scene plus a new talent playing his debut show outside NYC.

That newcomer was 16-year-old Bishop Nehru, one of the brightest new stars in a burgeoning new school of East Coast MCs. He had a lot of work to do warming the stage up for such hallowed company, but proved himself more than up to the task. His DJ dropped a succession of solid gold instrumentals including subtle nods to Wu Tang and Doom and he dropped all the highlights from his ‘Nehruvia’ mixtape, which is a good place to start if you want to hear more.

An ever-elusive character, Doom was eagerly anticipated by the crowd and he didn’t disappoint. Taking to the stage with a rendition of ‘Rhymin Slang’ from last year’s JJ Doom collaboration LP the man in the mask was in full effect. Taking the somewhat unus

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  • Craig Perry Fingers crossed a chance to see Gallows before I move away Sun Apr 07, 2013
  • KIREZI CHAKIZIMANA Ghostface Killah. Sun Apr 07, 2013
  • claire gray would be brilliant.. thanks :) Fri Apr 05, 2013
  • Callum This is such an awesome opportunity I hope I win! Wed Apr 03, 2013
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  • Craig i beg of you, send a couple my way Tue Apr 02, 2013
  • Rich Breed Doom and Ghostface!!!! Yes please!!! Tue Apr 02, 2013
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