April, 2013

Hoax on 60s R&B, James Brown why London is the best...

Who or what are your biggest influences?

We listen to absolutely everything. Everything from death metal to bluegrass, country, funk,hip-hop, grime, hardcore, downtempo, sometimes folk..sometimes. Our sound is always developing but we try and tick all our musical influences when writing. Keeps our options open and our creativity buzzing at all times!

Which country or city in the world is your favourite to play in, and why?

We love playing the places we don’t usually get the chance to play but London takes some beating. Its where we are all based, all our friends and family come down, great hangs and parties after the show.

Would you say live music is more vibrant than ever? Or is there a ‘golden era’ in the past you wish you could have been involved in?

I think more bands are realising live performances are increasingly important now due to lack of record sales, which is great to see as your guaranteed a great night. But the early 60s with the rise of funk soul R&B movement would have been magical!

Who’s the hardest working artist/band in the business?

I’d have to say Cancer Bats or While She Sleeps, those dudes tour all year round, and work it hard! So nice to see the old school attitude of just jumping in a van and playing wherever, whenever, however many show they possibly can! Love it.

How important is the visual element of a show, lighting, projections etc? Or should the focus just be the artists on stage?

I think it’s got to be a bit of both. There’s something magical about both sides, just getting up plugging in and going for it creates such a raw vibe but having full production can visually blow your mind as well.

If you could support any band past or present, who would it be…?

James Brown

…and what would you talk about backstage?

I’d just sit quietly and watch. All the time.

Hoax play The 100 Club, London on April 19th with Carnival Kids and Gallows. For full information and updates head to

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