April, 2013

The first night of Get Dirty London was raucous, rowdy rock and roll with three of Britain's best...

Night one of Get Dirty, London set the bar high with three bands from Yorkshire covering three very different styles. A broad slice of the best rock and roll the UK is producing was served up across three action packed hours. Kicking things off were Leeds four piece China Rats who channeled vintage riffs and vocal harmonies on raucous crowd pleasers like last year’s ‘Be Like I’. Recently back from SXSW the boys have a packed schedule for the rest of the summer and it’s easy to see why.

Drenge are an all-together different proposition, these two brothers strip things down to just guitar and drums in the style of classic double acts like the White Stripes or newcomers like Deap Valley, who Drenge have supported. A short, sharp shock of dirty and driving riffs followed that sounded at once classic and brand new. It doesn’t veer too much in to psychic territory to feel like these brothers have an intimate stage connection; the drums, guitar and vocals bob and weave together in perfect imperfection. Seek them out, you won’t be disappointed.

Almost ten years has passed since The Cribs last played The 100 Club, something they fondly remembered on stage, before announcing, “Welcome to adulthood” with something of a wry smile. If this is adulthood then it’s the kind anyone can get behind, an exuberant mix of youthful energy and razor sharp lyrics. The set was a treat for old and new fans, with classics like ‘Men’s Needs’ jutting up against recent release ‘Leather Jacket Love Song’. They even opened things up to the crowd at one point, resulting in 2007’s ‘Girls Like Mystery’. They closed with fan favourite ‘City Of Bugs’, sung more by the crowd than the band, and everyone was still singing it as they spilt out in to the warm spring air on Oxford St. Two more nights to come…

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