Jason Jessee – The CTS


April, 2013

Jason Jessee and the Cons CTS.

Skateboarding may have changed since it first introduced Jason Jessee in the 80s, but his pure natural style hasn’t changed a bit. His radicalness and personality shine through in every things he does.

The world hasn’t had the privilege of seeing much of Jason skating for a while, but people have been hungry for it. Jason has immersed himself in projects outside of the mainstream of skateboarding: motorcycles, cars, Americana, and overall badass-ness. Converse has supported Jason doing his thing, and this fall Jason spent a few days working on an ad and video to support the Cons CTS.

The print ads are in magazines now, and the CTS sneakers can be found on Converse.com and in finer skate shops. Converse is proud to share tidbits of Jason’s world, including some amazing skateboarding.


CLICK HERE to view more photos from the recently exhibited art show “Left Handed Sea Section” by Jason Jessee.

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