Converse Gigs @ The 100 Club: Delorean


May, 2013

Delorean tell us a bit about their Basque heritage and their music making process

Delorean formed in the small basque costal town of Zarautz in 2000. Since then they have evolved from a hardcore punk group to become one of the most exciting electronic outfits in Europe. Their breakthrough 2010 album Subiza was received with critical admiration across the board and this year will see the release of their highly anticipated follow up. Expect Balearic beats and blissful Summer vibes when they hit The 100 club on 31st May. In advance of that date we spoke to the band:

Your music has come a long way from the hardcore sound that you embodied when Delorean formed. This has been linked to your relocation from Zarautz to Barcelona. What impact do you feel the city has had on your music?

I’m not sure if the city has had a direct impact. There must be some influence but I don’t really know which. I guess the environment itself helps but nowadays with the internet and all that it’s different, you don’t ‘need’ to be in a city to have access to interesting music.

What did you learn from being a Punk band?

It’s how we learnt to play music and to be in a band. But that’s the old days. Nowadays we just try to make good music.

To what extent do you think your musical identity has been influenced by your Basque heritage and the beauty of your surroundings growing up?

A friend told us he understood our music better when he spent time in the Basque Country. I guess it’s others who can judge that. We kinda tried to step aside from our local culture as we grew up, that’s how we got into the music we do now.

How important a role do computers play in your creative process?

They’re a basic element. I think a computer has ended up being a complement to the board or console. We work a lot with the computer but we tried to stop making music by clicking on a mouse with this album. We still do it but we think it’s important to learn how to deal with the hardware too, you get unexpected results.

Would you consider yourselves to be more like dance music producers than a traditional band?

Somewhere in between I guess. We’d like to know more about producing and we’d like to be a better band too. I think that the way we approach it being a musician is not only playing in a band, it’s about getting to know as much as you can of the whole process. I think that’s where we’re at.

Both Barcelona and London are recognised internationally for their vibrant music scenes. How do you feel the two compare?

London is a huge city compared to Barcelona. I mean, Barcelona has nice clubs and stuff but nothing as big as London. In Barcelona you get to go to the big festivals and all, but take a weekend in mid November, there’s not much here going on here (I imagine London doesn’t stop).

Who are your greatest music influences?

Dance music in a broad sense. And pop-rock in a broad sense too.

What other Spanish music acts should we be listening to right now?

We like Extraperlo a lot. You should check their new album produced by El Guincho who you already know in the UK.

Which country or city is your favourite place in the world to play in and why?

NY is special for us. We have a lot of friends and we always feel good when we play there.

What do you do to prepare for a gig?

Not much, we try to be relaxed.

If you could collaborate with any band or musician past or present, who would it be…?

Honestly, I don’t know what to answer. There are a few names in my head but I can’t pick one.

What else do Delorean have in store for us in 2013? We’re putting out the album in early September!

We’ll be touring Europe around that time, so hopefully we’ll see you in London!

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