May, 2013

Get Dirty London, a crowd's eye view...

Get Dirty London has drawn to a close, and if you haven’t checked out the live tracks, photos and reviews of all the nights then they’re available HERE. Once you’ve seen all that there’s still one more important perspective we’d like to represent, the crowd. The whole crowd at each of the shows were given a Get Dirty Disposable Camera, none of that digital business we’re talking old school film here so the shots have that rich, saturated look everyone tries to recreate on their phones. We’ve collected some of the best shots here from all three nights in a gallery for your viewing pleasure.

We also gave cameras out to some of the websites, magazines and blogs that came down. Hip hop mainstays Potholes In My Blog came down to the MF Doom night, click the link below for an in depth review and some of their disposable camera handy-work:

Francesca from andsoshethinks came down to The Cribs night, her review and pictures can be found at the link below:

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