June, 2013

We catch up with Nina before her show with Lower Than Atlantis in June

Nina has come a long way in a short space of time, from a chance encounter with Ed Sheeran in her native Scotland to topping the Itunes charts in less than two years, and all before reaching the age of 18. She’s currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut LP with producer Jake Gosling whose track record includes work with Sheeran and other chart toppers like Paloma Faith. Before making her 100 Club debut we caught up with Nina to talk about recording the new album and some more esoteric stuff like Spaghetti Carbonara and why her fans are called Nesbians.

Your latest release has a different sound to the earlier EPs, how would you say it has evolved over the last two years?

I think my style has progressed quite a bit, it’s a bit more diverse now. I like to experiment with lots of different genres when it comes to production and writing. Also I’d say my song writing has matured over time and also my sonic influences. You’re currently recording your official debut LP, how is it going, anything you can tell us at this stage? It’s going great! It’s been a VERY long process compared to recording an EP. Usually an EP is done in two or three days. My album has been going on for over a year now.

Some of the songs date back to three years ago. It’s definitely been good taking my time on it because I want to make it sound exactly how I want. Not everything comes together straight away and it’s taken experimenting a lot to get it right. I write songs all the time as well so some of the songs, including the next two singles were written just as the album was finishing. It will always be ‘work in progress’ until it’s actually up on iTunes ha! It’s been very surreal to hear my actual debut album come to life.

Is being Scottish something that feeds in to your music, if so how?

I guess my accent does a little? I’m not sure really, I just listen to music from all around the world and become influenced that way. I guess lyrically I mention a lot of Scottish things or places because I’m from there, but sonically I wouldn’t say so.

Do you have a certain audience in mind when you write your songs?

My audience at the moment is mainly under 21. I think that’s probably because I’m young myself and they can relate best. I just write songs that I feel like writing really or write them about other people’s situations if there’s nothing for me to write about myself. Sometimes when writing though I will think that certain songs will reach out more to younger people than others.

You had an early success singing Christina Aguilera, might we see a duet one day?

Ha! I don’t think so unfortunately, her voice would put mine to shame. I used to want to be a pop star with a massive voice like hers or Mariah but soon realised I didn’t have it. That’s why I started writing, production and picking up lots of instruments. It’s much more interesting for me, I’d find it really difficult to perform without an instrument now and I would always write my own songs. I guess singing songs by such amazing singers when I was younger taught me about how to use my voice perhaps.

Is it true your fans have the nickname ‘Nesbians’ how did that happen?

Yeah they called themselves Nesbians! They wanted to name the ‘fandom’ and someone suggested Nesbians and it stuck. I guess it’s quite catchy.

What was the last record you heard that you had to listen to again straight away?

The Jake Bugg record was awesome last year. Also loved Bruno Mars new album, Unorthodox Jukebox.

What record do you hope you never have to hear again?

That new Bridgit Mendler song, sorry :(

Tell us one non-musical thing you couldn’t live without?


What’s happening over the summer?

FESTIVALS, and the start of the album campaign.

Nina plays The 100 Club on June 10th with Lower Than Atlantis. Read more about the gig and apply for tickets HERE

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