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July, 2013

The most interesting sneaker in the world. -Kenny

July, 15th 2013
KA II – “The Joy Ride”

Kenny Anderson celebrates the launch of his Converse CONS KA II with the short film titled “The Joy Ride”, documenting Kenny’s journey on his magical bicycle. Throughout his journey, the Converse CONS KA II takes him on a joyride as he is pushed by people he encounters within the streets and vicariously lives through their social energy. Ultimately, he relinquishes his KA II sneakers to an elderly man who continues “The Joy Ride” through the streets.

June, 10th 2013

Our recent Converse trip to the North Shore was featured in the May 2013 issue of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Thank you to: Mother Nature, Acai, 80′s R&B, Kalani, Dyson Ramones, The Late Ones, Wallows and double rainbows.

May, 20th 2013

Skatepark Of Tampa and Girl Skateboards both celebrate their 20th year anniversary. Thank you to: Schaffer, Gaybor City, Big Boi, The Clements, breakdancing, fishing and first class.

Also, check out a short bonus video of additional highlights from Tampa.

April, 29th 2013

Welcome to NYC and the start of a photo and video journal that will follow Kenny throughout life experiences in his next signature CONS sneaker, the KA2. Check back here for additional updates and follow the tag #KA2CONS on Twitter. Thank you to: Chinatown, Impossible Project, Pho, Quartersnacks, Manderson, Dr.Z and slappies.

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