August, 2013

We caught up with Sheffield metal band Bring Me The Horizon before their intimate show at The Circle.

This week, Bring Me The Horizon are playing The Circle tattoo parlour in London for the third and final instalment of our Get Loud music series.

We caught up with front man Oli Sykes to talk tattoos, crowd surfing and Hillary Duff…

1. On Thursday you’re playing the basement of The Circle tattoo parlour in London…what’s the strangest venue you have ever played in?

The Rave in Milwaukee is pretty weird.

2. The Circle holds around 100 people. How does playing intimate gigs compare to big venues and festivals?

They both have their highlights! I personally love smaller shows because the interaction with the crowds is one of my favourite things about playing live. 100 people though – that takes us right back! Gonna be interesting!

3. What’s the craziest thing to happen during one of your gigs?

Uhhh, we’ve had plenty of moments! Wheelchair crowdsurfing, Charlie Simpson in a raft, someone once got their eye punched out, I was shot at 3 times, Pink was once skateboarding while we played.

4. What’s your favourite song to play out live and why?

Probably Shadow Moses right now. We open with it and the sing along gives me goosebumps.

5. Tattoos are clearly a big part of your lives, what first got you into them?

I just always wanted tattoos for as long as I could remember – my mum wouldn’t let me get them til I was 18 so when I turned I just went mad!

6. If you had to get a tattoo of your musical icon, who would it be and why?

Hilary Duff, dunno why.

7. Why do you think tattoos and heavier genres like metal seem to coexist so well?

For me getting tattoos meant I could never have a normal job, because no one would employ me. I guess you just give a sh*t less when you do this job, you got no office to go to. They say your body is a temple, but why not paint the walls?

8. Musically, what are you into that people would not expect?

Hillary Duff.

9. Lastly, what can fans expect from your gig at The Circle?

I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to mate.

Bring Me The Horizon play The Circle tattoo parlour as part of our Get Loud music series this Thursday 22nd August 2013. Today is the last day to apply for tickets. Full info HERE.

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