August, 2013

We catch up with Pure Love before their show at The Circle tattoo parlour.

Pure Love; one half ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter and one half ex-The Hope Conspiracy guitarist Jim Carroll have seen much success since their formation in 2011. During this time they have spawned a series of headline shows, supported the likes of Paramore and Biffy Clyro and released their debut album “Anthems”.

We caught up with them ahead of their unique gig in the basement of The Circle tattoo parlour to talk music, tattoos and their special love of a particular Nickelback song…

1. In July you played your first US show, how was it? If any at all, what are the differences between US & UK fans?

The first US show was amazing. We had both been wanting to play at home since we started but we were unable to do so because our backing band was so spread out.  Once we got some local musician friends involved it came together quickly.  It was much needed.  As far as fans go there was no major difference and that was actually sort of surprising.  New York audiences can definitely be hard to crack at times and our UK fans have set the bar pretty high in terms of rowdy shows.  We didn’t know what to expect but it was just as wild as some of the gigs we’ve played over last few years.

2. Your music has taken some turns creatively, where are you drawing inspiration from at present?

Psychedelics and cute pictures of puppies…

3. You’re playing a gig in a tattoo parlour, is this your first show in a venue like this? What other interesting venues have you played in?

Yes, first show in a tattoo parlour. Years ago I played a hardcore show on a street corner in San Francisco.

4. Why do you think music and tattoos seem to coexist so well?

I actually like to think that music and tattoos have a rivalry similar to the Bloods and the Crips.  Constantly battling for supremacy of the block.

5. How does the craft of music compare to that of tattooing, do they cross over?

People in prison sometimes use guitar strings to tattoo. I’ve never been to prison but that’s what the National Geographic Channel told me.

6. What do you think differentiates Pure Love from other bands out there at the moment?

I’m going to say our songs. No other bands writes the songs that we do. Take for example our song Handsome Devil’s Club, we wrote that. Nickelback didn’t write that song.  If they did it wouldn’t be our song. Although, Nickelback write some pretty good songs too. Have you heard Burn it to the Ground? That song f*cking rules.

7. When coming up with the name Pure Love, were there any other working titles that you’re glad didn’t make the final cut?

We really wanted to call ourselves Nickelback but that was already taken by the band Nickelback. They wrote the song Burn it to the Ground. Again, that song f*cking rules.

8. Lastly…If you could travel back to any year to make music when would it be and whom would you like to have worked with?

I’d travel back to 2008 to hook up with my man Chad Kroeger so I could jam on a little tune called Burn it to the Ground.

Ticket applications for Pure Love at The Circle have now closed.

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