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Kenny’s Tracks – #KA2CONS

Monday, July 15th, 2013

July, 15th 2013
KA II – “The Joy Ride”

Kenny Anderson celebrates the launch of his Converse CONS KA II with the short film titled “The Joy Ride”, documenting Kenny’s journey on his magical bicycle. Throughout his journey, the Converse CONS KA II takes him on a joyride as he is pushed by people he encounters within the streets and vicariously lives through their social energy. Ultimately, he relinquishes his KA II sneakers to an elderly man who continues “The Joy Ride” through the streets.

June, 10th 2013

Our recent Converse trip to the North Shore was featured in the May 2013 issue of Transworld Skateboarding magazine. Thank you to: Mother Nature, Acai, 80′s R&B, Kalani, Dyson Ramones, The Late Ones, Wallows and double rainbows.

May, 20th 2013

Skatepark Of Tampa and Girl Skateboards both celebrate their 20th year anniversary. Thank you to: Schaffer, Gaybor City, Big Boi, The Clements, breakdancing, fishing and first class.

Also, check out a short bonus video of additional highlights from Tampa.

April, 29th 2013

Welcome to NYC and the start of a photo and video journal that will follow Kenny throughout life experiences in his next signature CONS sneaker, the KA2. Check back here for additional updates and follow the tag #KA2CONS on Twitter. Thank you to: Chinatown, Impossible Project, Pho, Quartersnacks, Manderson, Dr.Z and slappies.

Converse CONS Space

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

On Saturday 18 May 2013, Converse took over a disused section of the Port of Barcelona to create the first CONS SPACE, an initiative to transform disused urban space through skateboarding, art and music.

Kenny Anderson and Pontus Alv collaborated with local artists Txemy Basuelto, Fernando Elvira and Ruben Sanchez to design a skate spot inspired by the abandoned industrial materials and incredible location.

They were joined by Rune Glifberg, Tom Remillard, Remy Taviera, Javier Mendizabal, Jerome Campbell, Harry Lintell, Danny Sommerfeld and Ben Raemers for an epic all day session. CONS SPACE 001 BCN wrapped up with live music from The Bots and Black Lips.

Track: These Feelings by The Bots
Label: Fader

KA-One Vulc

Friday, April 26th, 2013

KA-One Vulc – Part 1

Kenny Anderson recruits his friend Giovanni Reda to help plan for testing the vulcanized version of Kenny’s signature sneaker and determine if it is engineered for destruction.

KA-One Vulc – Part 2

Kenny and Reda fuel up for their trip to Las Vegas while brainstorming ideas to destroy the KA-One Vulc.

KA-One Vulc – Part 3

Kenny and Reda arrive in Las Vegas and begin to test their variety of creative methods for destroying the KA-One Vulc.

KA-One Vulc – Part 4

Kenny suggests that Reda should experiment with an alternative method for possible destruction of the KA-One Vulc.

KA-One Vulc – Part 5

Kenny takes the more traditional approach to testing the KA-One Vulc by attempting to destroy his sneaker via skateboarding.

Jason Jessee – The CTS

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Skateboarding may have changed since it first introduced Jason Jessee in the 80s, but his pure natural style hasn’t changed a bit. His radicalness and personality shine through in every things he does.

The world hasn’t had the privilege of seeing much of Jason skating for a while, but people have been hungry for it. Jason has immersed himself in projects outside of the mainstream of skateboarding: motorcycles, cars, Americana, and overall badass-ness. Converse has supported Jason doing his thing, and this fall Jason spent a few days working on an ad and video to support the Cons CTS.

The print ads are in magazines now, and the CTS sneakers can be found on and in finer skate shops. Converse is proud to share tidbits of Jason’s world, including some amazing skateboarding.


CLICK HERE to view more photos from the recently exhibited art show “Left Handed Sea Section” by Jason Jessee.

Sammy Baca – CTAS Pro Skate

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Sammy is radical dude. The first thing people notice is his hair and distinctive style both on and off his board. Sammy’s love of the classic Chuck Taylor All Star, which he usually kits out with fat laces, inspired the CTAS Pro Skate.

The CTAS Pro Skate has the classic stylings of the original All Star, but inside has the same technology and features that sets Converse Skateboarding sneakers apart; Lunarlon insoles, abrasion resistant canvas, and All Star traction rubber. Like the sneaker he inspired, there is a lot more to Sammy underneath his distinctive exterior.

Follow Converse Ambassador Sammy Baca through his day as he kicks it with his son, cleans out a backyard pool, gets a gnarly nose-grind in the deep end, and sparks off a session at the skatepark with his friends, before heading home at sunset.

Technology & Innovation

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Molded Lunarlon Sockliner
• Drop-in lightweight Lunarlon sockliner.
• Molded to provide equal resiliency to EVA at 50% of the weight.
• Offers even impact energy dispersion cushioning.
• Available in the Trapasso Pro II, CTS, CTAS Pro Skate, Pro Leather.


All Star Molded OutsoleOutsole Badge
Traction Rubber Vulcanized sole
• Famous All Star moulded outsole
• Converse Skateboarding rubber compound
• 70% increased traction

Flex Cupsole
Flex Cupsole
• Converse Skateboarding rubber compound
• Support of a cupsole with the board feel of vulc.


Abrasion Suede
Abrasion Suede
• Converse Skateboarding abrasion resistant suede

Waxed Canvas
Waxed Canvas
• Converse Skateboarding scratch-off wax coated canvas

Perforated Memory Foam
• Textured interior memory foam in tongue and collar

Jason Jessee

Friday, June 1st, 2012


If you have never heard of Jason Jesse it is time to get out from under the rock you have been living under. Jason has been featured in over 17 skate videos since flourishing in the Santa Cruz video “Streets on Fire”. Some people exploit emerging trends where innovators like Jason pave the road for trends to originate and then shy away when knowing that the trend has gotten blown out. From building motorcycles, cars, welding and showing the world what the perfect frontside ollie looks like, Jason has been a productive man. In 2012 Jason was honored by Transworld Skateboarding magazine by receiving the TWS Legend Award. Jason continues to inspire people around the globe with his passion on and off a skateboard.


Mike Anderson

Friday, June 1st, 2012


Mike grew up skating the streets of Ventura, California although he is not your typical So-Cal skateboarder. He is raw, unpolished with an effortless style and comfortable skating any terrain that is put in his path. When you witness him skateboarding you can see that he is having a good time. He does not consider skateboarding as a job and gets uncomfortable when people refer to it as a career. Mike receives strong support from his sponsors and has already released a few memorable video parts. Be on the lookout for great things to come from Mike as he is always ready for the next adventure.


Pontus Alv

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Pontus Alv is a driven man, a skateboarder with a huge passion for creating his vision in a very unique way. Whether this is through his adventures in concrete, his art, his films and foremost his skateboarding, you can always feel the energy of what he is saying and it’s always executed with his heart firmly exposed on his sleeve.

Converse is stoked to be able to help Pontus craft his vision of creativity and inspiration, whilst pushing forward the amazing culture of skateboarding that we all share.

But enough from us, let’s hear from the man himself…

So, why Converse?

Converse is a classic brand with a rich history and background. I have always been a fan of classic, timeless stuff that never grows old or out of fashion. I recently ended my relationship with my former shoe sponsor and I started to look around. I only ride and represent companies that I personally like and believe in, so the list was really short. I chose Converse because they share a lot of the same ideas and visions that I have. A sponsorship is about building a good relationship and platform together where ideas and creativity can become a reality. Over the last ten years I have been on a personal mission to give back to skateboarding, inspire others and show different angles on what skateboarding can be about. I am still going full-speed in this direction and I can’t see myself stopping anytime soon. Together with Converse and their support I am sure that we can create some radical and inspirational things together for our culture. Giving back to skateboarders will always be at the top of the list and my main drive.

What is your first memory of the brand?

I remember when I first saw Converse, the opening trick of Mariano’s part in ‘Mouse’. He was wearing a pair of navy One Stars doing the switch bigspin flip and the first line at the Venice benches…instant stoke! He was also rocking the navy Dr. J’s (Pro Leather Mid) in that part. These images have been stuck in my head ever since. That classic 90s vibe and look is just too dope to deny. Shortly after that my old shop sponsor hooked me up with some One Stars of my own but I got thesestrange green ones! Ever since then I’ve always wanted the navy ones Mariano rocked.

Polar is all set to be an amazing company with the recent promo going down a storm. Do you see Polar or its visual offerings as an extension to your older films like ‘The Strongest of the Strange’ and ‘In Search of the Miraculous’? Or is it a whole new departure?

Polar Skate Co. is a platform where we can express our ideas and visions on all levels. My two films set the base for this to happen and Polar is simply where the story continues. Everything is still the same but now we also produce products and express our ideas in graphics, adverts, a skate team and so on. The main idea behind it is to inspire others to inspire themselves. I want Polar to set an example on what a skateboard company can be about. We express ourselves on many different levels, artwork, photography and film pieces and much more. It is a wonderful thing to have a place and an output for all of your dreams. I am in charge and we do whatever we believe in. Hopefully we can have an input on the culture and direction of skateboarding and try to invest in cool projects that benefit people in exciting ways.

What drives your inspiration? From concrete to art, to filming, to running a company…why do you do it all?

It started with being frustrated about the skateboard industry and its general direction. That frustration became ‘The Strongest of the Strange’, which then lead into ‘In Search of the Miraculous’. The dark side and the bright side ultimately, but the bottom line is that I don’t always agree with all of the things that go on in skate culture and within the industry. I don’t like what certain people do and how they showcase skateboarding. I just can’t sit and watch our culture turn into rubbish! Although, there is some genuinely cool stuff out there…so I guess my main motivation is to show an alternative vision of what skateboarding can be about, or at the very least what it means for me. This rule kind of goes with all the things in my life – if you lovesomething, believe in it. You also have to be ready to stand up for it when you see things you dislike. So bottom line is that I want to contribute to skateboarding, engaging with the new generations and showing them my vision of skateboard culture.

What can we expect to see in the future from you, Polar and Converse?

We have a lot of plans for Polar and Converse. At the moment we are still waiting for spring to kick in and once it is here, life starts again. We will continue doing what we always do, hit the streets with our boards, capture it on film, travel around, hook up and skate with the locals in spots all around the world. I’d like to build more around Malmö and together with Converse it will be possible to try amazing things all over Europe too. We’ll keep doing rad stuff together and try to keep this skateboard culture as alive, raw and radical as possible.

Work more; sleep less!

Stay inspired,

Pontus Alv

Fix To Ride

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Converse Skateboarding presented it first ever Fix To Ride event in the UK on Saturday 26th May at Kennnigton Bowl, London.

This historic bowl had become pretty much unskateable due to the huge cracks and uneven surface that have developed over the past thirty five years since it’s initial launch. It was the perfect location for refurbishment under the Fix To Ride program.

After an amazing build time of just two weeks, the new look bowl was launched at mid-day to an excited crowd who had gathered for the launch and to witness an epic UK Converse Skateboarding dealer competition. The UK’s top skate stores did battle against each other until Rollersnakes was crowned the winner and picked up the £1000 winning cheque!

The sun was beaming down on the amazing crowd as skaters such as Converse Ambassadors Pontus Alv, Rory Milanes, Harry Lintell and Jerome Campbell tore into the new bowl and deemed it an unbelievable improvement.

The bowl has now been handed back to the community and open and free to skate. It is located at the northern end of Kennington Park, nearest tube is Kennington Park on the Northern Line. We hope you enjoy it!